28. září 2009

Come to the Czech Republic!

Hello my fellow Americans,

I have decided to write one post into my blog in English. This one is for those, who want to study abroad (i.e. all of you, some may not know it yet). I would like to recommend you the Czech Republic and tell you something about the country, where you shall spend a semester (or year) of your studies. Our university (Czech Tech) has a big established exchange program with K-State. Most of people I have met here know, where the Czech Republic is (it is far beyond my expectations). The Czech Tech is (as you have probably guessed) technical university. We have big departments of architecture, civic, mechanical and electrical engineering and a few others. We have a lot of subject to choose from (most of them in Czech, some in English) for 25000 people. But study is not the main reason to come to the Czech Tech.

You will come to the Czech Republic because:
  • You will be living in the most beautiful city in the whole world. Prague has wonderful medieval architecture, a lot of historical buildings and even nice parks and nature around. We have very good system of public transportation (you certainly don’t need a car in Prague). Travelling by buses, trains and subway is cheaper and faster. The gasoline prices in the Czech Republic are very high (6 dollars per gallon).

  • Europe is small and everything there is much more concentrated. The whole Europe is smaller than the US and every country is completely different. It takes you 3 hours to get to the Germany, 8 hours to get to the France and 12 to get to the GB. The Czech Republic has ideal position in the middle of Europe and with the Schengen treaty you can travel without passports in the EU.

  • We don’t have alcohol prohibition. You can drink alcohol, when you are 18 years old. You can drink at dorms or outside. You can do whatever you want because you are an adult.

  • Beer is very cheap and it is the best beer in the world. We don’t brew stuff like light beer, lime beer and others I have seen here. Have you ever heard the term “pilsner beer”? Pilsen is the city of beer in the Czech Republic. Beer costs approximately 1 – 1.5 dollars for half a liter (pint). It is cheaper than soft drinks.

You don’t come to the Czech Republic if you want to:
  • Buy electronics, car or clothes. All of it is unbelievably expensive.

  • Get fat. The large-sized meal in Czech fast foods is equal to the small-sized here in the states. It is also more expensive.

  • Want to see big cars and big skyscrapers and big houses. If you want this, you should probably stay in America.

There is much more to say but I think that coming to study in Prague will be wonderful and I can recommend it to you. If you want to know more details, write me an email. And excuse my English, I know it is not perfect :-).

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